How did this festival start?

Everything an African does takes into account his or her culture, tradition and history. And far too many African Americans are wearing clothes that do not reflect their culture, tradition and history. As African Americans continue to wear clothes that do not reflect their history, the inspiration came to teach the history, starting with the beauties of the African clothes.

Can I bring my children to the festival?

Yes. The African Wardrobe Festival is children-friendly. It will feature a children's zone with books suitable for all ages.

Is it like a fashion show?

Not really. The festival format is for everyone to explore the venue and the piece of Africa they bring with them. The AWF will give the African American a piece of the African ways on the American soil. Therefore attendees will be able to interact with people and product made in Africa or African-inspired. You are the model and you are welcome to show off your finest African wardrobe.