2016 Speakers

Hear from renowned and international speakers on the African experience and the African Diaspora. Various topics will be covered following the screening of the eye-opening documentary, Africa Straight Up, as we debunk the myths and lies surrounding the African continent. From culinary to education and culture and even economics a number of topics will be covered.

Ayanbinrin Tosin

She is affectionately known as Mother Drum Africa. She is also the quintessential vocalist, dancer and more especially a talking drummer of high repute. She is a recording artiste who uses the arts to promote, preserve and rejuvenate the cultural values of the African people.

Hear her perspective on music, the arts and Africa at the 2nd annual African Wardrobe Festival.


Dr. Yinka Tella 

President of the Nigerian American Foundation and promoter of African Museum of Arts and Culture (AMAC). Dr. Tella is an accomplished journalist from Nigeria. He is the author of The Post 9/11 Syndrome.

He oversees all aspects of the Nigerian American Foundation in furthering the collective interests of all nonprofit Nigerian associations in South Florida.

Presently he works as a counselor and a USCIS-Designated School Official at Broward College's North Campus


Babacar M'bow

He is the Executive Director of the Florida Africana Studies Consortium. A Senegalese born African Diaspora scholar, his work focuses on art and culture of people of African descent. As a published author, he is also the Managing Editor of the Encyclopedia of the African Diaspora.  

His recent project include organizing  the Caribbean Studies Conference in Haiti and the first celebration of Black History Month in Bogota, Colombia (2017)

Dr. Agbeko-Kwasi (A.K.) Tosu

International consultant and socio-pathologist whose work centers on facilitating transformative resolution pertaining to human relations, culture and diversity.

Tosu's work has been featured in the Journal of Applied Management and Entrepreneurship and other reputable publications.

Derrick N Ashong from amp.it/The World Cup of Hip Hop speaks at the 1st annual African Wardrobe Festival on the topic of music with African roots and Brooklyn DJs. Other speakers included: Dr. Yinka Tella, Dr. A.K. Tosu and Mrs Vernet Pegues.